7. December 2018

The Soul’s Voice

The Soul’s Voice   Dear Soul, If you have forgotten how your intuition sounds, it could be confusing for you to begin using it again. […]
7. December 2018


Vincent This story is not so very old; it happened only some 150 years ago. A boy was born; and as it is with boys, […]
7. December 2018


Dissatisfaction   Dear Soul, Life seems to be dual. It can be easy or hard, up or down, slow or quick, … to make the […]
7. December 2018


Longing Dear Soul, Do You have an unfulfilled desire? Well, all of us have a pocketful of desires. Some of them are fulfilled; even repeatedly […]
16. November 2018

The Treasure

The Treasure   This could have happened three thousand years ago, but it could also have happened today… There was once a man. He could […]