7. May 2019

The merchant and the wretched man

The merchant and the wretched man Not that long ago, someone told me this story: In an Asian country, there was once a merchant who […]
7. May 2019

Makadi and light

Makadi and light Long ago, there was a boy. His name was Makadi, and he lived in a humble family, in a small village, far […]
7. May 2019

On two worlds

On two worlds Once upon a time, there were two towns. Although they were neighbouring towns, they did not maintain close contacts, just the most […]
7. May 2019

The boy and the linden tree

The boy and the linden tree Long time ago, a boy lived in a nearby country. This country was a place where justice was not […]
7. December 2018

The very first Letter to Soul

Hello dear Soul,   I am talking to You. It does not matter if you are dressed in the skin of a man or a […]
7. December 2018

About her grief

About her grief A very long time ago, way back in the past, the following quite insignificant story happened. In a little town amidst the […]
7. December 2018


Vincent This story is not so very old; it happened only some 150 years ago. A boy was born; and as it is with boys, […]
16. November 2018

The Treasure

The Treasure   This could have happened three thousand years ago, but it could also have happened today… There was once a man. He could […]